What a day!!

Today began with an 8:30pm pick up followed by an hour and a quarter journey through and out of Kampala to another watoto village. This was one we’ve all been looking forward to as the first part of our visit was to Baby Watoto. 

Baby Watoto was amazing! 73 0-2 year olds are currently living there mostly either left or found dumped on the streets. So as you may imagine it was a pretty emotional trip. We took a tour of the whole complex seeing babies who were just a few days old up to those who were 2 and nearly ready to transfer to a Watoto children’s village home with a house mother. After the tour we were able to go and spend some time with the babies. They were gorgeous and really happy to play with everybody that came. We were a part of feeding them, changing them, playing games with them, having lots of cuddles and finally putting them down for their afternoon nap. It was an amazing experience and the work that goes on at baby Watoto is stunning, changing the lives of so many!!

After we had managed to tear ourselves away we had some lunch and were then taken to visit children that we sponsor. It was a real privilege to spend time in the home of our sponsored child who is called Martha. We spent a couple of hours there beginning with some chatting and finding out about each other including that she returned from Canada last month after touring with the choir where she saw snow for the first time!! Then Martha and Jessica began to tickle each other and after that we couldn’t prise them apart. They taught each other games, played ball, had running races and generally chased each other around like they’d been friends for years! It was a real joy to watch and we are looking forward to spending more time with her over the rest of the time we are here. It was such a privilege to meet her and the people she lives with. She is such a happy little girl who obviously enjoys life!

We spent a couple of hours with Martha by which time it was time to make the return journey to our guest house and some wonderful food.


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