Wow, wow, wow!!!

Its been a truly amazing day!! It began with early breakfast for an 8am pick up!! We headed out with our packed lunches not to do painting as we originally thought but rather path building!! 

Our journey to the Watoto village was lengthened by the extreme traffic but we eventually turned in to a road to a place we had only heard about and seen in pictures. To actually be there was transformational and we spent a few minutes simply looking around in astonishment. Once we got off the bus we were welcomed by everybody we saw. Their sheer joy was, and I think I’ll use this word a lot, humbling. 

We donned our work gear and suncream and began with a time of worship and devotion with the local workers which was exactly the start we needed and was very moving. 

Then on to the work. We were laying concrete paths. This involved a number of skills: digging, levelling, mixing concrete (we were blessed that they had a concrete mixer), shovelling, transporting the mixed concrete, spreading it, smoothing it just to name a few. It was very hot and we all worked hard. During our work we had so many opportunities to interact with the children and house mothers and they were an absolute joy. They taught us songs and dances, they told us all about themselves, we played all sorts of games with them and they even wanted to help us with the work we were doing. The joy with which they did everything was inspirational. Our children had a wail of a time too enjoying games and fun with the Watoto children! It was a really tough day of work in particularly hot conditions and some of group suffered with this but not once did it stop anyone giving of their absolute best in so many different ways and it was a blessing to be a part of the team.

Once our work was done, we got back on our bus to the guest house a changed team, some emotional, some feeling unwell, some simply whacked out but each inspired by the time we spent in the village. As with every journey we make their were stark reminders of the sheer poverty on the streets of Uganda that moves you to want to do so much more but also reminds us that in the poverty their is joy in the eyes of so many of the people we see.

Today has been a day of laughing and crying and every emotion in between but most of all I will remember the interactions with the adults and children of Watoto which was so amazingly positive and everyone so thankful for the fact we were their not realising that the blessing and inspiration they were to us was way beyond anything we could do!

We still have more work to do and many people to meet but we head in to it inspired to do the very best that we can!!

P.S. You’ll notice there are no photos up yet. The Internet connection is just too slow to upload pictures and it times out so they will follow at a later date.


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  1. Dear Alan
    So lovely to hear all about your day. Send my love to all the team and tell them I am lifting them all up in prayer God bless you and them. Looking forward to hearing as your trip continues

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