Back to blogging!!

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Its been a while since I’ve been here so I thought I’d give you an update of where I am at!! Its been a busy few weeks where we have been raising funds for and travelling to Spain to do a weeks work on Emma and Jon’s house out there! We did all sorts including an auction of promises (where I ended up buying a holiday in Spain!!!) and an impromptu concert with the worship team. We raised enough money to cover our travelling costs and have some left over to donate to the Damascus Trust who support Jon and Emma!! We had a lot of fun while we were over there and got loads of work done! Jon and Emma are now moving back in and hopefully it will soon become very much a home to them. I pray that God blesses them richly in all that they are doing and also looks after them as they approach the birth of their new baby. Here’s a couple of photo’s I took around the place! It was very hot!

View from the terrace!

Jon and Emma's street!

The village from up the mountain.

It’d be great if you could pray for Jon and Emma and I know for a fact that they would appreciate any support you can give including visits!!

I’m embarking on a new phase in my life at the moment. God is giving me some very clear guidance as to where He wants me to go next and so I am in the process of applying to do a theology degree at London School of Theology. God has been really clear that He wants to use me to do church with a difference and one of the first steps in this is the degree! If you watch this space thought there are going to be some very exciting things coming up very soon. I’d very much appreciate your prayers in all this particularly in terms of the course firstly that I am able to get on to it and secondly that God will guide the finances I need for it into place.

It’s an exciting time with lots of new things happening and therefore lots to blog about!! In the very near future we’re off to Mission Worship where I’m going to meet up with some of the guys there to discuss a new project we are looking at which is also very exciting!!

Watch this space as I will post stuff up as soon as I know and keep you up to date with everything that is coming up!!

God Bless