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  • Ride Start DateOctober 5th, 2014
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    • @EE thanks, I couldn't find it anywhere on the website, my wife has been using her phone already which is a bit of a pain. tweeted 3 years ago
    • @EE with a 4GEE shared plan is everybody in the plan able to use minutes and texts abroad in the same way as the plan leader? Thank you. tweeted 3 years ago
    • Finally managed to get photos of our trip to Uganda up at alanrolls.com hope they give a bit of a feel of our trip! tweeted 3 years ago
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On this page you’ll find link to websites I have links with and also sites that I think are good and useful sites!

Christ Church, Braintree – This is the website of my home church.

Ray of Hope – This is a charity that we support as a worship team, its linked to Kingsway and Mission Worship

Kingsway Songs – Superb site for downloading current worship sheet music. Saves having to buy a whole book for one song and enables you to see what is popular at the moment!! Huge range of music!!

Life Church – Church based in oklahoma which has an internet campus allowing you to worship and hear teaching online, as well as join online lifegroups and so much more. Lead Pastor is Craig Groeschel, his teaching is superb!!

Mars Hill Church, Seattle – Church in Seattle with lots of resources including their talks online. Teaching, mainly by Lead Pastor Mark Driscoll, is fantastic and is refreshingly honest and Biblical!!

Christian Audio – A whole host of Christian audio books available here!!! Fantastic choice and they give away a free one every month. They also have two or three sales a year too!!

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