God gave me a very clear word a couple of years ago that I should begin songwriting. It came at a very interesting time when I’d just begun wondering whether to begin putting some words down for songs and had thought that I’d really like to  but that I’d not be able to, being a mathematician rather than a poet or the like!! Literally a couple of days after this conversation with myself I was given the word that I should be writing songs by a person who I would trust to be giving the word from God and who could not possibly have known what I was thinking! Since then I have been writing songs and finding it to be an interesting and growing experience. On these pages you will find songs I have written, feel free to comment on and use the songs! I now have audio uploads so some of these have an audio track to listen to and I will continue to update them! Click on the link below to go to each song page.

Isaiah 58

Come on

There are Times

Extravagantly Generous


Your Greatness


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