Christmas Day

Firstly a Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you’ve had a fantastic day!! I personally am feeling rather full but have definitely enjoyed having the family around and watching the girls faces as they discovered new exciting things through the day. We had a great time at Christ Church this morning leading a few carols and opening presents together!! Here are some pictures of our morning at the church!!

View from the mic!!!

Lighting the advent candle, welcome back to the Rultons this year!!

Nigel does his stuff!!!

View from the AV desk!

The girls all dressed up and ready to go!!!!

It’s certainly been a wonderful day. I love the way that Christmas draws us together and its great to see so many people at the church on Christmas morning sharing time as a family! I praise God that through Him giving His son for us we are drawn together!! Let’s not forget that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of the birth of our Saviour Jesus and that through Him we all have the opportunity of salvation!! This truly is reason to celebrate and praise God our creator and yet still our friend!!!

Hope your Christmas continues to be blessed!



Carols at Millard House

We were asked a few weeks ago to do some carols for the old folks at Millard House and last night was the night!! We fought through the snowy weather instruments in hand and spent a wonderful time singing carols and chatting with the people. They seemed to enjoy the evening and I hope we brought a bit of Christmas into what can be a lonely time for those on their own! I’d encourage you, if you get the opportunity to share this Christmas with people who are lonely or not really looking forward to Christmas then go for it!! Even the smallest gesture can make a profound difference!!! We had Laura the photographer with us so here are a few of the shots she took!

The ladies dancing and singing! Sorry about the face Su!!!!

Dave & me. Good job on the piano earlier too Dave!!!

Colin and Sarah were tucked in at the back!!

Not the kit that Colin is used to!!!!

The kids behaved beautifully and the folks there loved them!!

Thank you to all those involved!! And I pray that the folks were blessed by the carols and chat and that they have a very enjoyable Christmas time.



George Yard Carols

Had a somewhat cold but fun afternoon today playing for the carol service in George Yard, Braintree. It was really good to see several churches taking part in the service altogether making for an excellent service right in the centre of town! The Elim Church Gospel Choir performed a couple of songs, Kings Church did a drama, Vilma from the Baptist Church brought the message and we were privileged to lead the carols, a fantastic joint effort. I pray that those who were passing by were touched by what they saw and heard and that through the churches in Braintree working together the people of Braintree would have the opportunity to know God and His grace. Here are some photos from the afternoon.

A 30 minute set up!!! Nice one Si!!

Alison wrapped up and ready to sing!!!

It was very, very cold. Big thanks to Colin for the hand warmers!!!!!!

Nigel did a top job linking it all together!!

So it may have been cold but it was a fantastic time and great to see different groups working together for God!! A big thank you to all who took part, all who helped out and all who came along and joined with us!!



Nursery & School Nativities

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity taking part in their nativity plays over the last week. For Jessica it was her first school one last Thursday and she played the part of Mary. She did a fantastic job of looking after the baby and patted him throughout!!

Today we headed up to church despite the snow and Becca took part in her first nursery nativity. She was an angel and took part in the singing. Was fantastic to see so many people in the church to hear the message of Christmas. Had to take my life in my hands to get some photos though!! Here they are though!

My prayer is that those who came to see these nativities would be touched by God!!



Christmas Holiday Club

We had a fantastic time at the Christ Church Christmas Holiday Club this morning!! It was great to see so many of the kids who joined us in the summer coming back for this new club. It was a time of enjoyment with lots of singing and games. The children had a whole host of activities to do in their groups and it was wonderful to see them so focussed on what they were doing and chatting lots to their group leaders.

As I was watching and taking part in the day I was reminded of the fact that these are the people and leaders of the future and we need to guide them in their walks with God to help them to know Him and through that fulfil all that He has for them. We have a real responsibility to the young people around us not to let them fall by the wayside as so often seems to happen but to nurture them in the ways of the Lord preparing them to do His will!

Thanks to all the people involved both children and leaders you brightened my day and I really enjoyed all that we did!! May God ever be your guide!!

Gateway Carols

Thursday night was the Gateway carol service and it was a fantastic evening!!! The highlight of the year!! We spent time singing carols and worship songs, hearing readings, hearing about Christmas and having a fantastic time of fun and celebration. I love spending time with the Gateway club guys they have a fantasic ability to be free in what they do and the encouragement they show to each other and to us is wonderful and such a blessing. Looking forward now to putting a concert for them in the new year!!! Here are some photo’s of the evening!!!

Gateway Club members!

In preparation

Wonderful celebration!!!

Nigel doing his stuff!!!

Love the privilege God has given us to share with these guys!!!



Elim Braintree

We had a great night on Sunday. We were invited to lead worship at the churches together united service held at Elim Church, Braintree.  It was an evening with a fantasic atmosphere of worship with representatives of a good number of churches present. Its always a little nervewracking leading worship somewhere different and using somebody else’s gear but the guys at Elim looked after us brilliantly allowing us to focus on the worship of God and not any of the technicalities of sound!

It was also a wonderful experience to be enveloped in the sound coming from the congregation and, although loudness of singing isn’t necessarily a guide, it was really encouraging to see many people responding to God in worship and that worship overwhelming any sound coming from the foldback.

I praise God for the privilege and opportunity to share in an evening like this and also that he has drawn together people from so many different backgrounds.

The talk was around the Bible being the word of God, a bit of a hot topic at the moment. We heard, and I fully agree, that the Bible is God’s word to His people. This is something that is close to my heart. If we believe that God is our creator and created all things and if we believe that Jesus was able to do the miracles that He did, then why is it that there is this danger of watering down God’s word by compromising on it. Its something I don’t understand, the need to pick and choose the bits of the Bible used in order to keep the world happy. Isn’t that what we are warned against by God? Perhaps this is for a later post so watch out for it!!!

For now I praise God for the wonderful evening we had and thank the guys at Elim for all their help and support in making us feel really at home and able to lead the worship for the evening.