I’m Al Rolls and I’m Daddy to my gorgeous girls Jessica 16, Rebecca 14 and Isabella who is 9. Here we are!!!!


I have been leading worship at Christ Church, Braintree for the last 14 and a half years. It is a wonderful privilege to lead God’s people in worship and I thank God that He has enabled me to use my gifts in this way. As part of this I lead the worship team at the church preparing for, leading and releasing others to lead worship in services and homegroups. We are also beginning to feed into other worship teams in the area through training and workshops where it is fantastic to be able to meet and work with others and a real honour to use the gifts God has given us to guide others in their worship ministry. Following a very clear word from God I’m also writing a variety of songs some of which we use in worship. I’m currently also a homegroup leader and have enjoy the opportunity and privilege to speak at a variety of services.

I was brought up in the Methodist Church my parents attended during which time I experienced a couple of life changing events. At 18 I left school and spent the next 6 months travelling around Australia working on a sheep farm and doing the tourist thing! This was a real period of growing up and I came back home and decided my route would be teaching so did the training and began full time teaching in 1994 going down to 1 day a week in 2006.

It was during this time I was drawn back towards God having fallen away when I left home. Through a friend I went to visit a church in Chelmsford and three weeks later gave my life to God and so followed a rollercoaster ride that has lead to the point I’m at today!! In 2001 though, I hit a real low point and found myself on my own in a small room in a small flat with nothing, as broken as I’ve ever been. It was here that God began the slow process of drawing me back again growing me steadily rather than the fasttrack I seemed to have been on before. Through this time I met and married Sarah and joined Christ Church in Braintree where Sarah came to Christ! With the loving care of those around me I have walked through and given to God some difficult issues that have in the past affected the way I have lived my life.

Through all this God led me to be a stronger and more mature person both personally and spiritually and now I am able to step into the calling that He has placed onto my life which is to lead which I talked about earlier. I am absolutely passionate about God and what I do in my service of Him. I love to worship Him and consider myself extremely privileged to be able to do that as a worship leader and I continue to grow and mature in that position under God’s guidance.

My prayer and my aim is to always walk in the calling God has given me and no matter how hard the path gets to walk that which is God’s will. He is an awesome God and He has thoroughly transformed my life and continues to do so!

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