Upcoming concert

Well I thought it was time to update the blog, its been over a week since I last did. We’re quickly approaching the concert now and tickets are starting to sell much more quickly we sold nearly 30 at this morning’s service alone! Let me know if you want one!

We’ve spent this afternoon practicing and tightening up some of the new songs we’ve written! There are five of them and although I’m biased I think they sound pretty good! I’m looking forward to sharing them at the concert. Over the next week or so I’m going to try and get some basic recordings down for each of them and also some of the older ones too so you can get a sneak preview and also give some feedback on what you think of them. (Please be honest!! I can take it and it helps me to become a better songwriter!)

On Tuesday I’m looking forward to heading over to Trinity in Chelmsford to speak on their worship leading course, its a real privilege to be asked to do that and I pray that God will work through me and really help them with what they are doing!

Tuesday is going to be a top day actually cos I’m also meeting up with Rob to sort out the new drum screen and we’re going to do some song writing together too! Really looking forward to seeing what we come up with! Who knows we might even slip it into the concert!

I’ll keep you up to date with how that all goes! Please pray for God’s guidance in all that I do!



24/7 prayer

24/7 prayer is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. It goes without saying that prayer is an essential part of life in relationship with God. If there is no communication I’d have to wonder if there was any relationship. I talk to my wife lots and the more we talk the more our relationship develops, its the same with God.

But my wonderings take us a step past that, I’m talking more about a commitment to cover a place in prayer 24/7. A great example of this would be to set up a 24/7 prayer room whose remit would be to pray for Braintree. I think it would make a massive difference to this town and the people in it.

Why am I thinking about this? Well I attended a seminar a couple of weeks ago where the speaker was Pete Greig who heads up 24/7 prayer international which really inspired me to seek more. I’m in the process of reading Pete Greig’s book Red Moon Rising and I would recommend everybody to read it! It  shows just what soaking a place in prayer can do, the profound difference it can make to individuals and to whole communities. We just have to look to the Bible to find out what we should be doing, the effect it has and the promises God makes about it!

This inspiration has lead me to think seriously about:

  • what we can do in terms of prayer
  • how different our town could be if we committed to soak it in prayer
  • how committed are we to doing God’s work

to name a few and also to dream about churches working together to set up 24/7 prayer rooms and really committing to continuously covering this town in prayer.

I thought I’d blog about this so I could pose a couple of questions for people to feed back answers in the comments section, so here goes!

What are your experiences of prayer?

What are your thoughts on praying for our town (your town) and its people?

How much time would you commit to a 24/7 prayer room? (number of hours daily, weekly or monthly)

Any other comments you’d like to make?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!



Worship Central Conference

After the fun of Gateway on Thursday the next day held the prospect of the Worship Central conference which I was really looking forward to. I must say I was not disappointed it was an awesome weekend! 2000 of us packed into Central Hall in Westminster. The worship was superb as were the seminars and it was great to spend time with the guys from Elim, Braintree!! I picked up some new stuff and felt very affirmed in a lot of the stuff we are doing at the moment. The whole conference though has really inspired me to really strive, both personally and as a worship team, to seek God more for what He wants us to do and how He wants us to serve. When it comes down to it, it truly is all about Him and our aim is to honour God and bring glory to His name. I pray that we can do that more and more effectively!

You should check out their website as there is loads of good stuff on there including stuff from the conference!! I think they are going to be putting the talks from the conference on the site too!! Well worth a listen!

Here are a some photos from the weekend:

The stage is set!!

It was a pretty full house!!

The guys!!! They begged me to put this photo up!!!

Awesome worship!!!!

I was truly moved by the whole weekend and really feel that God has done a work in me to prepare me for the future. I left feeling an immense sense of calmness and peace that gives me a readiness to face all that is going to come my way over the next few months!! Along with that I now have a renewed passion to really get down to writing more songs and work on the new ones I have already written! Praise God for all He does for us!!

So a big thank you to the worship central guys for having the faith to put on an event like this and for the incredible amount of work it must take, I left thoroughly blessed!



Wow its been a very busy few days!! It started on Thursday with a concert at the Gateway club. What a fantastic evening we had. A long list of songs all upbeat and jumping around type stuff so after 2 hours we were pretty tired but invigorated at the same time. I just love the enthusiasm these guys have, its so encouraging and so much fun spending time with them. We actually managed to do the evening without an official sound man too!! Good to know that we are able to get the PA system up and running and sounding fairly reasonable (It was a touch loud to begin with as it was set for the Baptist Church!!)!! Want to say a big thank you too to the guys that came along to help out and spend time with the Gateway guys! Here are some of the photos from the evening!!

Hmmm, perhaps if I turn this one the feedback will stop!!!!

Going for it!!!

Thirsty work!!!

From the dance floor!!!

Helen and Su!!

You seriously want me to play with the levels?!?!?!

Hope you enjoy the photos!! Thanks to rachael for taking them!!! And a big thank you to the band for all the hard work they put in in order to get everything up there and plugged in as well as playing and to Dave to for taking on the challenge of the desk once we were playing!!!

Hoping to do much more of this kind of thing!! Taking what we do in to the community!!



Here it is the finished poster for our concert!!!! Very excited!!!!!

Conferences and recording update

Its been a very interesting week!! At the beginning of the week Rob gave me some rough copies of six of the songs for the new CD. They sound great and we’re really pleased with the way it is all going. I’m really looking forward to getting the CDs out there so that you can hear them. Also the advertising for the concert is all coming together and hopefully I’ll have a copy of it on here very soon. Put the date in your diaries though for Saturday 17th April when we’ll be playing songs from and launching the CD. We’ll also be introducing a number of our own new songs too and would love to hear your feedback on what you think of them! I’ll hopefully have some of those recorded and up in the song section on here very soon. I love working in the calling God has placed on my life, its a great place to be!!

I was privileged this week to go to Holy Trinity Brompton for their leadership conference. It was a great time and I learned a lot of stuff (Now need to go through my copious notes!!), it also proved to be real confirmation of some of the things I am doing at the moment particularly in terms of my leadership of different things. You can check out their website here where you’ll find the talks available for download amongst other things. Also one talk that was of particular interest  to me was ‘From vision to action’ and there is a website for this as well here which has a number of talks relating to vision which are really good too!!

It’s a busy time for conferences at the moment as this Saturday we’re off on a leadership day with George Verwer founder of Operation Mobilization (UK site here) which should be fantastic!! George is an excellent speaker. The following weekend I’m off to the Worship Central conference which I am really looking forward to. Watch out for updates on these and on the recording soon!

Another thing I’m really looking forward to this week is the concert we are doing with the Gateway Club on Thursday. They are a truly a wonderful group of people and are always so enthusiastic about the music!! Please pray that we are really able to reach out to them and that it is a really successful evening! Watch out for photos and updates!

Praise God for the wonderful opportunities He gives!