Churches together and more!!

It’s been a tiring couple of days but its also been fantastic fun. Friday morning Alison and I led worship for the Freedom in Christ training course. It was a good time and we used some songs we haven’t done for a while ‘Looking in the sky’ for one which is fantastic song of worship and praise. Had a  well needed Costa afterwards!!! Mmmmm my favourite!! 🙂

Today, Sunday, we led worship for our 11am service and also at the 6:30pm churches together service. Both went well!! People were worshipping God. I love to spend time with people in worship. I consider a sung worship time successful when people are leaving the building talking about God and not mentioning the band at all! More of that Lord please. People being released into the freedom to worship God!! I pray for the barriers we all have to be broken down!!

At the 11am service we saw a number of people come into membership which was brilliant. Congratulations guys, you know who you are!! Three of them are members of our home group which was really cool and I got to welcome them!! There was a real feel of celebration and worship as we sung and danced and praised God!! I praise God for the privilege of being able to worship with these guys!

I also love the opportunity to get together with other churches as we did tonight in the churches together service. We have all sorts of difference in our styles and so on but we can still come together and worship God bringing a unity across the town. We need to see more of this!! Churches being united in their love of God and their mission to bring the love of God to those around them. Lets celebrate out differences in style and pull together with our unity in God!!

I managed to get a couple of photos this evening!! Firstly here are the guys in tonight’s team!! As you can see barking mad but their fantastic hard work means I can focus on God and His guiding for our worship!! They are a wonderful group of people to spend time with!! Thank you guys!!!

The view from my mic as people from churches all over Braintree head out to get coffee and head home!!

So although I’m tired I praise God that He has been very present with us and has empowered us to lead His worship!! I will never tire of worshipping God and love the fact that I get to do it with so many wonderful friends old and new!!

Psalm 150 says it all, may it always be so and I strive for verse 6 ‘Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!!!

May God bless you!!



Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Its been a little while since I’ve added a post so I thought I’d better get down to it. It’s been a busy couple of weeks of meetings and stuff!! We’re beginning the preparation for the new CD which we are recording over the week 15th-20th February 2010. We’ve got down the list of songs we’re going to do and are currently working on the structure and dynamics of the songs, it’s exciting as the preparations move us closer to the recording and then the launch. Projects like this can really lift team spirit as we pull together to achieve the goal. The next stage is going to be coming up with a name for it and some artwork to go along with the CD and also beginning to publicise the launch concert which will now almost certainly be Saturday 17th April 2010, so put it down in your diaries if you fancy coming along.

I’ve also been working with Sarah on a number of new songs which again is exciting and really good to get stuff down. We’re aiming to make a much simpler CD over the next month or so with some of these on and I’ll also add them to the songs section here so you can see what they are like. These will hopefully be included in the launch concert of the main CD so that people can hear them and hopefully offer some honest feedback on them.

Mixed in with this we’re also preparing for a concert at the Gateway club in March, which will be fantastic fun and I’m really looking forward to it, and preparing stuff for the church weekend away in May which is coming up pretty quickly.

At the same time we’re leading worship and I have a few preaching dates too!!!

As you can see its pretty busy but the fantastic thing is that God has blessed me with the opportunities to do things I absolutely love doing. There is a lot of work in the stuff I’ve talked about but every moment of it is so much fun its wonderful!! I praise God for all He is doing and the opportunities He is giving me to use my gifts and to grow and I’m doubly blessed to be doing it with some fantstic friends around me and joining me in the process!!!

I’ll keep you up to date with all that happens through all these things beginning with Sunday when we have a churches together joint service in the evening as well as our normal service in the morning. Looking forward to sharing with those from various churches around the town.

Every Blessing


More from the George Yard carol service!!

Here’s the report from the paper about the carol service we did in George Yard shopping centre. I wrote in more detail about it in December. As you can see Sarah, Alison and I were very cold but it was a good fun time in the middle of town!!! We’re back leading worship in George Yard on the 2nd April 2010 for the Good Friday service!! Put it in your diary and join us!!

Interesting Times

Well it has certainly been an interesting week!!! It began with preaching at two services on Sunday which was fantastic fun. I love it that I can put my trust in God and He comes through. I talked about New Year’s Resolutions and used them to help us think about where God is taking us this year and what we’re going to commit to in that! Writing this I’m wondering what your resolutions are for this year, feel free to comment on any that you have made and keep me updated with how you are doing on them!!

It was followed by the announcement to the church that the time has come for Nigel our minister to move on. I have to say I’m very sad to see him leave but I believe he is being guided by God and I certainly applaud him for his faithfulness in a very difficult decision. It does mean that now is the time for me to step up and I look forward to the challenges of the next few months and what God has planned for this next phase of my life!

We’ve also had a whole heap of snow which has been good fun if a little challenging to get to places!!

I am currently in the process of writing new songs to use on the new CD we’re aiming to put together next month. We’re looking at making one with well known songs that will follow the format of a worship time allowing you to use it in your worship and one with our own songs and then once they are ready we’ll have a concert to launch them, so watch out for dates in the diary regarding that. I’ll keep you updated here with the progress we’re making. Its an exciting time!!

So a new year and many new challenges as I’m sure you all have too!! I pray that God guides you and grows you through all the challenges that come your way!!

Every Blessing


We’re back!!

Well Happy New Year to you all!!! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic time over the last few days. We’ve been away for a week to visit family in the north and have had a wonderful time. Becca had her 3rd birthday, the Fowlers came and joined us for New Year and we had loads of snow!!! It was great fun!!

So now we’re all refreshed and raring to go in 2010, lots of new challenges to come!!! Bring it on!!

My prayer for you all is, that you have a fantastic year and fulfil all that you are called to do!

I look forward to sharing some of the stuff I and the worship team get up to over the coming months!!

God Bless

Al 🙂