Christ Church weekend away

Well its been some time since I added a post so I thought I’d better update!! It has been amazingly busy over the last few weeks with all sorts of challenges coming!! Its great fun but a little tiring at times. Anyway although it is a little late I thought I’d add some photos from our church weekend away. We had a fantastic time. There were about 70 of us  who spent the weekend doing all sorts starting at 7:30am for some with early prayers and leading to whole variety of teaching and worship throughout the day. There was lots of free time for people to take part in various activities including prayer room, question and answer sessions, walks in the countryside and so on!!

We had a theme of prayer, also thinking about the greatness of God. We started the weekend off watching Louie Giglio’s dvd ‘How great is our God’ which always blows my mind.

On the Saturday we had some teaching on prayer with John which was really cool and I know several people felt a real release in their prayer lives!

Sarah organised a quiz for the evening which was a lot of fun with a real variety of rounds for people to take part in!

Sunday saw us having a service with teaching looking at unity and being together as a family!! This was another theme of the weekend really as people were able to spend lots of time together socially having fun and getting to know each other and there was a real sense of reconcilliation and growing together as a family over the whole weekend!!

The whole thing was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed spending time with people throughout the weekend!! Here are some of the pictures I took!!

Our main room!

View from my mic!

Sarah and her team did a top job with the children!

Here's the poster they made!! It's on display at church!

It was a lovely setting!!

The 2 Beccas having fun on the fitness trail!!

We hope to do more things like this and aim to build relationships and work together to further the kingdom of God!!

God Bless