Another amazing day!

After having breakfast we were picked up at 9:20am to go up to Watoto Church Downtown for one of their services. There are 4 on a Sunday attended by approximately 10000 people! It was a fantastic 2 hours of worship and teaching and we were all very moved by the whole thing. There was a real sense of freedom throughout the whole service.

Following the service we headed back up to village where our sponsored children live picking up an ice cream each on the way as it was a particularly hot one after some early rain.

We arrived in the village and were dropped off at the relevant places and were so blessed to share a traditional meal with the family. It was such a humbling experience to be mad so welcome and given so much. The food was fantastic comprising of rice, potatoes, plantain, matoke banana, peas done in a very Ugandan way, chapati, a chicken dish and a ground nut sauce. Martha was very proud to tell me that she had prepared the chicken. I think this will inspire Jessica in to learning some more cooking skills!! Hope so anyway! 🙂 Our children were really good and tried all the different foods on offer. We followed up with pineapple. 

After lunch we opened the gifts we had brought for that family and that led to a wonderful time of laughter and playing. Games ranged from ludo to skipping to football and the children had great time playing together too. The afternoon flew by and we were soon giving hugs and thanks and were sad to leave but glad that it had been such a good time. We’re working up in that village for a couple of days next week so hoping to be able to catch up a few more times before we leave!

Spending time with the people of Watoto is proving to be far more inspiring and humbling than I ever could have imagined. They have come from the most unbelievable of backgrounds and yet are some of the most loving, caring and joyful people I have ever met.

On the way home we continued to be moved by what we see. One little boy with no shoes approached our bus and asked for food. Sadly we didn’t have any and he sat on a post looking distraught. We called him over and gave him a bottle of water instead. He then went and sat beside the road and was picking up stones and pieces of dirt and eating them whilst drinking the water we’d given him. This is just one of the many children we see around who have nothing. It is so difficult not to be able to make more of a difference but we continue to do our best with what we have.

We then returned to the guest house for tea and a good rest before a working day tomorrow!

Thank you to all those of you who are praying for us. It is a life changing experience and I look forward to coming back and bringing some of the drive and passion that is being lodged firmly in my heart.


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