I’m excited this evening to have set up camp in Laruns in the Pyrenees and we’re finally experiencing some decent weather! It is warm and sunny! We drove through most of the night last night and the rain was just torrential most of the way which made the camping option last night a no no! We managed to get a bit of sleep in the car and also cover some good miles which leaves us here tonight!!

I’ve been out on the bike and cycled about quarter of the way up the climb that I’m aiming to do tomorrow! All was good in terms of riding but unfortunately my bike is causing a problem!? I had to remove the wheels to get it in the car and I’m struggling to get the front one to sit properly which is a bit disconcerting when you are riding! I’ll have another go tomorrow morning at sorting it out and hopefully all will be well!

I’m aiming to have my tracker on tomorrow so feel free to check in to see where I’m up to! Thank you for all the encouraging messages they help so much in keeping my morale up and keeping me going!!

It’s going to be an early night tonight after a long drive so that I’m all ready for the off in the morning!!




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