Ready for the off (again)

So tomorrow morning sees us heading off to the continent again with bike in tow!! 🙂 The plan is to drive to the Pyrenees and then cycle from there through Spain with Ben driving the car as a support vehicle! This will be a useful exercise in order to be able to iron out any other issues that arise ready for my next attempt at the full ride at the end of May. I’m looking forward to riding in the warmer Spanish weather and also taking some time at Jon and Emma’s to reflect on what’s taken place over the last couple of weeks. Obviously there’s been quite a bit of disappointment for me with the way the ride went last week but it has allowed me to begin to put measures in place to stop that happening next time!

In terms of next time I am looking at the end of May/beginning of June to take on the full ride! I have a good number of volunteers so far to drive in support and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to cover the whole ride with back up which I think will make all the difference!! I’m looking forward to having a really good shot at the ride then.

In the meantime watch out for regular blog posts about the Spanish riding over the next couple of weeks and then regular updates about preparations for the full ride and perhaps one or two other surprises!!

Thank you again to all who have been so encouraging and understanding and now I’m gonna get ‘on me bike’!!! 😉


One Response

  1. Good on ya, moy san! 🙂
    You can cycle assured that my love and prayers will be with you every inch of the way 🙂
    Take care, mate.
    All my love… Dad 🙂

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