Up and over!!

What a mammoth day!! I’ve cycled some hills in my time but nothing like that!! I started at around 525m and cycled to the summit at 1794m!! 18 miles of pretty relentless uphill!! Whist it was a real challenge to my ability to tough it out I found myself cycling through the most spectacular scenery which certainly helped keep my mood on the up!! I can honestly say my legs are tired tonight though!!

Coming down the other side was also a lot of fun and a lot less pedalling!! Covering the same distance in less than half the time! It was quite windy which slowed me down a bit but not enough to dampen spirits!! 🙂

We’re now camped in Huesca in northern Spain. It’s a nice site despite being next to the local football stadium where so far there has been incessant games of football!!

It’ll be another early night tonight in preparation for more riding tomorrow which I’m looking forward to although I’m hoping my legs will feel ok!!

Loving all the messages and encouragements so thank you again!!




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