Not long now!!!

11 days till I set off, it’s getting very close!! The good news is that I’m feeling fit and I have most of my equipment in place now. My bike is being serviced on Monday so it should be in tip top condition.

Having followed a heavy training schedule I’m now beginning to taper it down so that I leave rested and raring to go. The plan is to leave from Christ Church following the morning service which starts at 11am. This is a harvest festival family service and I’d love it if as many people as possible could get along to it and then see me off afterwards. I should be leaving between 12:30pm and 1 pm. It’s followed by a bring and share lunch where you’d be very welcome to stay and eat!!

That first day route may change slightly as I’ve now decided to take the ferry from Dover. I’m getting an earlyish ferry on the Monday morning so will be cycling to Dover for Sunday evening. This gives me the opportunity to really get going in to France on Monday!! Beyond that it’s a case of seeing how far I can go!! Through my training I know I can cycle 100 miles in a day and also that my recovery rates allow me to do that on consecutive days. This will be the aim each day but there is a good chance, with the time that I’ll have, that I’ll be able to push on further on the flatter days which will then allow for shorter distances on days such as crossing the Pyrenees!!

The important thing with cycling these sort of distances is to make sure I eat and drink enough. This will mean drinking several litres of water a day alongside at least 5000 calories of food as a minimum. Fortunately I rather enjoy eating so I’m looking forward to a good sampling of French and Spanish food during my trip!! 🙂

I’m really starting to get excited about the trip now!! I’d love it if you could pray for me while I’m going. Also I’ll have plenty of time with my thoughts so if you have any prayer requests do feel free to text me. (If you need my number then private message me on Facebook!) Also encouraging texts will be most appreciated!! 🙂 My mobile plan has coverage for European calls and texts so there’s no need to worry about your message costing me or you any more than normal!!

Finally don’t forget this trip is also raising money for Macmillan and Watoto so if you’d like to support that please sponsor me by using the button on the top left of the screen or message me and I can put you on my sponsor sheets!!

Thanks for all the support so far!!

Al 🙂


2 Responses

  1. You can be sure that all my love and prayers will be with you every inch of the way, my son. 🙂
    And I know that your faith will keep you strong and safe in this brilliant enterprise which has the welfare of others at its heart.
    Nevertheless do please take great care, won’t you?!
    Luv… Dad 🙂

  2. You can be sure that all my love and prayers will be with you every inch(cm?) of the way, my son 🙂
    And I know that your faith will keep you strong and safe in this brilliant enterprise that has care for others at its heart.
    Nevertheless, do please take great care, won’t you?!
    Love… Dad 🙂

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