Day 1

Wow! What a day!! I am now tucked in a lovely comfortable bed!! All started well with a wonderful send off from church! Had a pretty good ride down to the dartford crossing where Colin kindly gave me a lift over!! I then set about getting to Deal and was plodding along fairly well until it got dark and really cold!! It was a bit tougher but all came to a head when I discovered the A2 was shut blocking my only real route through!! After a couple of frantic phone calls and a chat with one of the guys working on the road they let me through the cordon and told me to go off at the next exit and keep going and I would get to the right place! After a few tough hills and scary dark corners I managed to drag myself into Canterbury where a very friendly face was waiting for me! I took a lift here to Deal as apparently the road from Canterbury is pretty dodgy in the light and a real no go at night! I gladly accepted the lift and the warm hospitality I received when I got here! I am totally full up, bathed and ready for sleep!! Tomorrow is another day! I’m off to catch the ferry and see what France has to offer!! Thank you to all those who sent wonderfully encouraging messages they really kept me going!! And now too sleep!!

Good night!


One Response

  1. Glad to hear that all things worked together for good on your first day 🙂
    Here’s to it being true for the whole trip!
    I hope you slept well, and are raring to go again. Good on ya moy san!! 😀
    Love… Dad.

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