Christmas Day

Firstly a Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you’ve had a fantastic day!! I personally am feeling rather full but have definitely enjoyed having the family around and watching the girls faces as they discovered new exciting things through the day. We had a great time at Christ Church this morning leading a few carols and opening presents together!! Here are some pictures of our morning at the church!!

View from the mic!!!

Lighting the advent candle, welcome back to the Rultons this year!!

Nigel does his stuff!!!

View from the AV desk!

The girls all dressed up and ready to go!!!!

It’s certainly been a wonderful day. I love the way that Christmas draws us together and its great to see so many people at the church on Christmas morning sharing time as a family! I praise God that through Him giving His son for us we are drawn together!! Let’s not forget that the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of the birth of our Saviour Jesus and that through Him we all have the opportunity of salvation!! This truly is reason to celebrate and praise God our creator and yet still our friend!!!

Hope your Christmas continues to be blessed!



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