Carols at Millard House

We were asked a few weeks ago to do some carols for the old folks at Millard House and last night was the night!! We fought through the snowy weather instruments in hand and spent a wonderful time singing carols and chatting with the people. They seemed to enjoy the evening and I hope we brought a bit of Christmas into what can be a lonely time for those on their own! I’d encourage you, if you get the opportunity to share this Christmas with people who are lonely or not really looking forward to Christmas then go for it!! Even the smallest gesture can make a profound difference!!! We had Laura the photographer with us so here are a few of the shots she took!

The ladies dancing and singing! Sorry about the face Su!!!!

Dave & me. Good job on the piano earlier too Dave!!!

Colin and Sarah were tucked in at the back!!

Not the kit that Colin is used to!!!!

The kids behaved beautifully and the folks there loved them!!

Thank you to all those involved!! And I pray that the folks were blessed by the carols and chat and that they have a very enjoyable Christmas time.




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  1. Hey matey, good stuff. like the photos. keep it up,

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