Conferences and recording update

Its been a very interesting week!! At the beginning of the week Rob gave me some rough copies of six of the songs for the new CD. They sound great and we’re really pleased with the way it is all going. I’m really looking forward to getting the CDs out there so that you can hear them. Also the advertising for the concert is all coming together and hopefully I’ll have a copy of it on here very soon. Put the date in your diaries though for Saturday 17th April when we’ll be playing songs from and launching the CD. We’ll also be introducing a number of our own new songs too and would love to hear your feedback on what you think of them! I’ll hopefully have some of those recorded and up in the song section on here very soon. I love working in the calling God has placed on my life, its a great place to be!!

I was privileged this week to go to Holy Trinity Brompton for their leadership conference. It was a great time and I learned a lot of stuff (Now need to go through my copious notes!!), it also proved to be real confirmation of some of the things I am doing at the moment particularly in terms of my leadership of different things. You can check out their website here where you’ll find the talks available for download amongst other things. Also one talk that was of particular interest  to me was ‘From vision to action’ and there is a website for this as well here which has a number of talks relating to vision which are really good too!!

It’s a busy time for conferences at the moment as this Saturday we’re off on a leadership day with George Verwer founder of Operation Mobilization (UK site here) which should be fantastic!! George is an excellent speaker. The following weekend I’m off to the Worship Central conference which I am really looking forward to. Watch out for updates on these and on the recording soon!

Another thing I’m really looking forward to this week is the concert we are doing with the Gateway Club on Thursday. They are a truly a wonderful group of people and are always so enthusiastic about the music!! Please pray that we are really able to reach out to them and that it is a really successful evening! Watch out for photos and updates!

Praise God for the wonderful opportunities He gives!




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