Uganda photos

So it’s taken  little while but I thought it was time to add  few of the photos that depict our time in Uganda. Understandably Watoto are not keen for photos of children to be posted online so they won’t show any close ups of the children we met. I hope they can give you a bit of a feel of the experience we had. I can’t wait to go again in 2017, perhaps you’ll join us?


All ready to set off!


The view from our guest house.


Living Hope.




My wheelbarrow of concrete ready for the path.


Hot work!


Everybody got stuck in!


Jess got stuck in!!


It’s coming together!


The first section complete!


Baby Watoto.


The house of our sponsered child!


Playing outside.


The team we built paths with!




The church at Suubi.


Looking towards the stage! What a view!


On the goat farm that provides the milk!






Mud huts on the way to safari.


The River Nile!




Buffalo on the African savannah!




We were able to get out with the giraffes!


More walking with giraffes!






African Sunrise!




A warthog.


Murchison Falls.


Murchison Falls.


Murchison Falls.


Cultural show that we went along to watch.


final day meal.


Final day meal.


Lake Victoria.


Just landed safely if a little bumpy!



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