Last full day!

I can’t believe we’re so close to the end of this trip, today being our last full day on Ugandan soil. We went around a variety of places today.

We began having been picked up at 10am by going to Watoto downtown church where we were able to watch on of the choirs rehearsing which was amazing. Steven had managed to arrange a group of children to sing happy birthday to Wendy which was a very emotional experience but nevertheless amazing. 

Next we popped in to Living Hope to meet the ladies who are working there and spend some time with them finding out about what they do. They are very skillful and make many gifts for the shop that is attached. We were able to buy some of the things they had been making.

After grabbing some lunch in a local eatery we went up to a craft market which consisted of lots of stalls all in together sell a huge variety of Ugandan goods. Each stall holder was very keen for us to go in to their stall and spend but we managed to do pretty well at getting the things we’d planned without overspending.

Following a lightning trip to the supermarket we came back to the guest house with an hour or two to spare before tea. So most of us went for a wander up the road to grab coffee from a local cafe and generally soak up the atmosphere.

This evening has been a mixture of devotional time, playing games and the inevitable packing! As I write this we are all packed and ready to head to the airport late morning. 

This will probably be my last post while in Uganda but once I’m home I will set about the 100s of photos I’ve taken and put up a few photo blogs. Thank you for all the prayers and support while we’ve been out here. I have had the most amazing time far greater than I ever could have imagined. I feel my life and attitude have changed for the better and I am completely driven to do all that I can to let people know that they are not forgotten. There are two overriding things that have been said to us and have inspired us. Firstly the many housemothers who said simply ‘thank you for loving us’ And then the Watoto village manager who said ‘thank you for showing us we’re not forgotten’ Simple words but hugely impactful on us. I’d love to tell you the highlights but there have been so many it’s impossible here without re writing each blog I’ve already written!


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  1. Hey Al, just a quick not. Thanks for the really encouraging blogs. I know I haven’t commented on all of the them, but i have read them every morning as I get ready for the day and found myself to be really jealous of the amazing time you have been having. Send love to the gang and I look forward to coffee and a catch up when you get home. love and prayers! N

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