Day of rest!

Sunday morning gave us the opportunity to visit another of the churches in the Watoto group. We left on a 9am pick up and went out to the church. In looks it couldn’t be more different to last week. The church was on a huge piece of land with a variety of marquees. The large main marquee was where the service took place then there were a couple of children’s marquees for their work and then they were also offering free medical advice, treatment, vaccination etc to people who were unable to afford it. The place was packed with at least 100s of people as it had been at the earlier service which was finishing as we arrived and then also at the service that followed the one we went to. It was a great service with a great message about forgiveness! 3 of the 4 walls on the marquee were open too which allowed a real outdoors feel.

After church we headed in to town to grab some lunch which was very nice. I had some local fish which was caught in Lake Victoria and very tasty.

Following lunch we came back to the guest house for a couple of hours of chill out time before heading out again at 5pm to see a cultural show.

It’s difficult to know how to describe the show, there was some stunning drumming and amazing dancing. It was all compered by a funny guy who had lots of jokes and fun giving the performers time to change. It was incredibly long though. They performed all sorts of dances and drum routines from around the East Africa region and it was very high on tempo and energy but it did last for 4 hours!! They were truly amazing performers and kept incredibly in time with each other but we were struggling to concentrate by the end! 😉

All in all it was a good day experiencing some new things and we look forward to our last full day in Uganda tomorrow!


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