Fulfilment of dreams

This morning began with a 5am shower and get ready so that we could be in reception by 5:45 to take an early morning game drive. We headed out in the dark and after picking up our guide, set off into the park! We were treated to an African sunrise along with some hyenas first of all.

Soon we were deep into the Savannah spotting various animals at distance and some up close including giraffes and elephants.

We were watching a huge herd of the jacksons Hartman when we noticed that they were spooked (not by us) and some were moving at speed being chased! We headed off the track to take a closer look and discovered a lioness and 5 cubs stalking them. We literally followed alongside them as they circled and watched. It was phenomenal to see. They didn’t make an attack while were there, lions choose their attacks very carefully to save energy, but the certainly wound up the hartman!! 

We left the group hiding in some bushes and moved on to find a lion and lioness laid in the grass a little way away just watching proceedings. They weren’t bothered by us at all and we approached to within a few feet. It was was an out of this world experience to be sitting on top of the front of our vehicle with lions just feet away. We got the occasional look and growl from them which made me feel a little precarious but mostly they watched the others.

After spending a good bit of time with the lions we then moved on to a watering hole at the edge of the Nile to find hippos!! We were able to get out and approach them to take photos. I can’t explain what it is like to walk across African savannah take pictures of amazing animals. 

Once we were all back in we headed back round seeing more giraffes and elephants as well as lots of birds and herds of buffalo. My words don’t do the trip justice, we were out for over 3 hours and it was the sort of stuff dreams are made of!

We returned to the lodge for breakfast and some time of relaxation before lunch mainly around the pool.

Following lunch we went down to the river and caught a 3 hour river cruise up to Murchison falls. Along the way we saw loads of hippo, a variety of birds, a few crocodiles and amazingly a couple of groups of elephants bathing!

We eventually reached the falls which were stunning! The river narrows significantly from at least several 10s of metres if not more down to 6 or 7 metres. This make for an exceptionally powerful waterfall. It was spectacular. After spending a while there the boat turned and took us back to our start point where we had food and continued with our nightly devotions that have been a significant part of our time in Uganda.

These two days have been amazing and have recooped our energy for our last couple of days in Kampala before returning home on Tuesday (arriving Wednesday). Once again we have an early 5:30am start in the morning so that we can take in the top of Murchison Falls on our journey back. We are really looking forward to being able to get back and to see and be a part of some more Watoto activities. 


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