Back to Kampala.

Yet another early start today saw us getting up at 5:30am so we could get an early breakfast and get packed into the vehicles to catch the 7am ferry across the Nile. This allowed us enough time to drive around to the top of Murchison Falls and experience that end of it.

We pulled up and immediately we could hear the power of the water as it closed down to its 6-7m width! It was immense! The thundering of the water on the rocks and the spray it created was amazing. There were lots of viewing points which were able to wander around to get different angles of the falls, including one where the spray created an almost constant rainbow and another where you got refreshingly soaked by the spray which in the heat was very nice. I’d loved to have been able to hike down to the bottom too but sadly there wasn’t the time as we had to be out of the park by the same time we entered it (10:15am in our case) or face a $40 per person fine!! 

We made it out gladly and saw lots of baboons on the way sitting on the track. We also came across a vast number of police trainees all completing a 20 mile run as part of the training. There were literally 100s if not 1000s of them. It was quite amazing. We spent the time jollying them along and giving encouragement which they seemed to appreciate!

After we had left them behind we cracked on along the road to Kampala at a good speed, only slowing down once we reached the city where as usual the traffic was completely crazy finally arriving back at the guest house by mid afternoon!

A group of us decided to head out of the guest house to have a look at the local shops and spent a fun hour doing that and dropping in on a local coffee shop. It was nice to just explore places and see what was on offer.

The rest of the evening we spent at the guest house chatting and resting after a long day. I’m now looking forward to heading out to church in the morning and breakfast being at a relatively normal time!! 


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