Another day, another house painted!

Today was another 8am pick up and heading back to Suubi village to paint another house picking up some extra meds for my leg on the way! We were all quite surprised to find that the 2 items on the prescription amounted to just 90p!! We made our regular trek through Kampala where the traffic and the driving really does have to be seen to be believed! There appear to be very few rules other than just go for it!! Eventually we made it out of the city and on our way to the village! The excitement of the children we pass in the more rural areas never ceases to amaze me! They wave like mad and occasionally chase the bus along the road laughing and shouting after us. Their lives are so basic and simple and yet they have great joy. We could learn an awful lot from them!

On arrival we went down to the house we were to be painting today and met the local workers. We began with devotions all together which is really great way to start and then we set about the painting! Jess and a couple of others went up to baby Watoto for part of the day to help with the babies and chat with the social worker there. This was great for them to be able to do as the paint that is used on the houses is really strong smelling and affected their asthma quite significantly. They were able to do some of the outside work though as it was much fresher in the open air. It’s really good to see the team serving Watoto in so many different ways and making a difference in all parts of the village!

In the midst of all the painting we also managed to visit the goat farm that they have. It was fascinating to hear about the breeding programmes and how they use the milk for the Watoto villages keeping them very self sufficient along with the produce from Lubbe Farm which we visited earlier on the trip.

In one of our breaks we played music from the Watoto CDs and very soon were surrounded by a number of the children who were singing and dancing along! It was great to see how much they enjoyed it with lots of laughter and smiles!

We dropped in at the village church which is a stunning building! It’s wall are glass all the way round in a large circle and the views are phenomenal. It’s a wonderful place to worship as you behold God’s creation in front of you!

By the end of the day we had painted the whole house which included all the internal walls, the window and door frames, all the doors and the cupboards which was a significant amount of coverage!! Sadly though this was our last visit to Suubi village for this trip. At the end of the day we toured around our sponsored children to say goodbye. It was lovely to see them one final time but very emotional to say goodbye to them. Their were lots of hugs and a few tears!

We then made the journey back via a Kampala supermarket to stock up on a few bit and pieces for our long journey tomorrow when we head at for a couple of days on safari. We all found that whilst we are looking forward to the safari we would actually have loved to have stayed in the villages. I think it’s probably a good thing though as we have worked very hard over the time we’ve been here as well as all the emotions that are being felt with everything we have seen. We need the couple of days to rest in preparation for the last couple of days with Watoto.

As breakfast is at 5am in the morning ready for a 6am pick up I am going to sign off for now. Hopefully there will be wifi at the safari lodge so I can continue the daily updates! You’ll find out tomorrow evening I guess! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for such amazing updates, – the next best thing to actually being there with you all! Praying for you all each morning.

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