Painting and a medical trip!!

Today began with an 8am pick up after breakfast to head off to the other Watoto village called Suubi. Today we were painting. As usual we arrived, following lots of waving by children along the roads, and met with the local workers. We all shared in a time of devotion and then dug into the plethora of painting equipment we’ve brought with us

We were painting one of the houses and all set about different areas with brushes and rollers! It was pretty hot work being inside and the paint was very strong smelling as it contains paraffin! We needed to make sure we took regular breaks to avoid headaches etc. It was really nice to be back in Suubi as a number of children came to visit during the day, some sponsored children and some children who were members of the choir that visited earlier in the year. In one of my breaks Steven our guide (who is a complete star) took me up to the medical centre due me having a rather swollen and red ankle following an insect bite. I now have lots of tablets to help it improve!! 

It was a really good day, we managed to paint all the walls in every room in the house as well as making a good start on the window and door frames. But as well as that being able to meet the variety of children that we did was great. Chloe even managed to meet with one of the social work team at Baby Watoto which she was very excited about!

We then returned to our guest house to shower and change for an appreciation dinner with Brian one of the Watoto church pastors and his wife Violet and Alex who leads the management team that oversees all the Watoto villages. We had a lovely meal and some great chats as well as celebrating Colin’s birthday with a cake. The Watoto guys spoke to us about what our visit means to them and thanked us for coming reminding us that the walkways we built would be walked by the leaders of the future! But one thing particularly stuck with me. While he was speaking Alex said that a visit like ours reminds them that they’re not forgotten! That will stick with me and drive me for the rest of my life, that so many people around the world think the are forgotten or are in danger of thinking that way. It was truly humbling to hear just what our visit means to the adults and the children who are involved in Watoto!

There is so much more I could tell about our visit but it would be virtually endless as we see so much on a daily basis that it is overwhelming on the senses and emotions!! I do know though that there are literally thousands of children living safe and secure, getting a good education, having their medical needs looked after and so so much more because of Watoto as well as the many women who have been helped by them too in the various projects. It’s mind blowing to think we are playing a part in all this and for one (and I’m pretty sure 12 others are too) am driven to do all that I can to further the amazing work of Watoto!


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