Tough but fun!

So today we were back to physical work!! At 8am we headed back to the village we were in on Friday continuing our path laying! We now make sure we carry extra food to give to children we encounter on the way. At the big junctions they will come up to the bus and ask for food. They were clamouring for some ritz biscuits today and literally stuffing them down as soon as they get them. It is incredibly difficult to watch as they are generally young children no older than Jessica and some of them carrying babies too. 

We arrived at the site at around half past nine where we spent some time with the local workers in devotion and then got to work. It was the same routine of mixing up the concrete and barrowing it down to be laid and smoothed in to a path! We made around 200 barrow loads moving it quite a distance to the path. This related to around 2 tonnes of cement plus sand, water and aggregate!! Therefore by the end of the day we were pretty tired but well satisfied the we had laid a decent amount of pathway. I have to say that the local guys were a fantastic bunch and made the hard work a lot of fun. There was a lot of laughter ringing out across the site. We also had the children from the village around us wanting to help with bits and pieces but also randomly simply holding hands or hugging us. But the most humbling part was the housemothers that passed by, each of them saying ‘thank you for what you are doing, thank you for loving us’. And that is the reason we made this trip to love people who really need to know that people love them. For them the fact that we have come far outweighs anything we do because it demonstrates to them our love. It was very moving to hear!

We were sad to leave today as it marked the end of our work with that village and probably the last time we’ll see the children and people we worked with but we left with a sense of having achieved something really important. The rest of our work will be in the other Kampala village, where our sponsored children live.

The journey back was an interesting experience to. Firstly a few of us needed to change up some money. Going to the shopping centre is different here. We were searched and scanned on entry, got the money and then carried on to a supermarket where we were searched and scanned again. I guess this is a result of the Kenya attack.

After having got the stuff we need we got back on the bus and headed towards the guest house. We had saved some of our sandwiches incase we came across any children who needed food. At one particular busy junction we had to set and wait for a while and children began to appear. They were so incredibly grateful for the small pieces of sandwich that we shared out putting huge smiles on their faces. It was particularly moving when one girl came up carrying a baby and when she got the sandwich she fed it to the baby along with a bottle of water we had given her. It was overwhelming to see so many kids so hungry and begging at the bus windows on an extremely busy junction. This is an everyday occurrence and is the tip of a huge iceberg with so many suffering in poverty living on less than a pound a day. 

We continue to do the best we can but knowing we can’t do everything inspires me to not let this go when we come home. Seeing, smelling and hearing this place up close is profoundly changing my life and I think also those who are here with me too.


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