An amazing first day proper!

This morning we had relatively late start breakfasting at 8am!! After breakfast we were picked up and headed down to downtown Kampala. The traffic is amazing as cars and motorbikes seem to come from all directions and everybody appears to think they have right of way!

We arrived at Watoto church for orientation and to put our valuables in to the safe there. As we were leaving we were privileged to go in to the sanctuary and hear one of the choirs practicing. They are heading out to Hong Kong soon.

On leaving the church we then visited living hope ministries and received the most amazing welcome from the ladies there!! They take ladies who are HIV+ and teach them skill, study the bible and pray with them, and help them to make the most amazing items! These they sell in a small gift shop and they also send lots of items out with the choirs. We found ourselves surrounded by the most lovely people. 

By this point it was lunch time and so we went to get our money changed a then on to a restaurant close by! The food and welcome we got was simply amazing! The waiters were all wanting to serve our table and were so grateful to us for eating there as we were for their wonderful hospitality.

Next was an hour and a half drive out of Kampala along streets lined with places that sold pretty much everything you can imagine. The poverty was obvious but the smiles were beautiful. As we got on to dirt roads and in to a much more rural area we slowed down which gave us an opportunity to wave to the children as we passed. They were so excited to see us and their big smiles despite everything were truly humbling. We were reminded of just how much we all take for granted in our lives.

We arrived at our destination which was a farm run by Watoto where they grow several different types of vegetable which are used in the children’s villages. We were shown around the farm and told about how they employ people in the local village to work there as well as people that have grown up in the Watoto villages making it a community project rather than something that is aloof from its surroundings. Here we were to have the most humbling experience of the day. As we made a stop at the end of farm trip there was a family of four children, mother and grandmother. As we greeted them Joe came out with a pack of jelly babies which Becca took to the children. As she handed each of them one they each went down on their knees and held both hands out! They were so grateful for a simple jelly baby and then proceeded to lick them for ages before finally eating them. We were all so moved and again reminded of just how much we have! 

The farm was our last visit of the day so we then headed back to Kampala and to our guest house where we were once again fed wonderfully.

It has been a most humbling and moving day today with the kindness everybody shows us and the warmth of the welcome we get wherever we go. I have a feeling there is so much more to come! 🙂


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