The Last Leg!!! (For now!)

I have to say that today was definitely one of the easier days of this trip!! From the rains of the North to the mountains and heat of the South it has been an experience that will stand me in good stead for next spring when I take on the whole ride in the spring!

Today I set off just south of Granada having eaten lunch atop the Sierra Nevada! The only way I can describe it is ‘downhill’ and I really whizzed along for 17-18 miles. All the while I was waiting for the hill that I knew led up to Jon and Emma’s village. I remembered it as steep and long! But that was before the last few days where I have learnt about what steep and long really is!! 15 minutes and I was at the top thinking that it wasn’t really as bad as I remembered!!

So I arrived at the destination, not quite as planned but nevertheless I learnt many things along the way all of which will be useful for next year. Plans for the next trip are well on the go now and with a full support team, careful route plans, good nutrition and a whole heap of winter training I am confident that I will bounce back from the disappointment of this time and successfully complete the whole ride in the spring!!

The cycling doesn’t stop here though, I’ll have a rest day tomorrow and then I’m taking a few days to cycle and explore the local area here where I’ll have a chance to reflect fully on the experiences of the last few weeks.

Thank you all so much for your support and I intend to keep the blog regularly updated over the next few days with my experiences of cycling in Andalusia as well as sharing some of the lessons I learn and have learnt as I reflect!!




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