From the valley to eagles wings!!



Today was an amazing day of spectacular scenery and amazing cycling! We started in a small village next to a large lake and headed off around it! It was an undulating road that went through mainly trees which was a relief as they provided much needed shade in the 32 degree heat!! Ben also did a sterling job of keeping my water topped up as I was drinking rather a lot!! 🙂 It was a really nice ride that after the lake followed the river up the valley.

Towards the end of the valley the road turned inevitably upwards and a tough climb followed particularly with the heat! I have to be honest and say it is as deep as I’ve had to dig on the bike to get to the top but I made it and was rewarded with spectacular view back in to the valley that was enhanced by the two eagles that were gliding around very close by!!

As often happens when you go up you then have to come down and down I came on a fantastic 6 mile descent with switchbacks and huge drops off the side. I’d have preferred the road surface on the corners to have been better as these provided a couple of hairy moments but all in all it was a lot of fun!!

I then had to negotiate the town of Cazorla which was a crazy ride through steep and narrow backstreets dodging people, dogs and cars until I eventually arrived at the campsite planned for the night.

It’s a great place with wonderful views and a short walk from a variety of tapas bars where for a remarkable price we managed to use google translate to ask the waiter to bring us a selection of dishes!! It was magnificent!!

Now with aching legs but a full stomach I am ready for sleep before the final leg of the ride tomorrow and guess what!? It ends with another big climb!!! Whoop!!




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  1. By ‘eck.. that was a tough day! And hot!
    It gave me the twitters all over again, reading your description of the big drops off the sides of some of the roads!! Nearly there now… I hope you’ve slept well by the time you read this.. ready for the the final push 🙂
    Take care mate.
    Love… Dad 🙂

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