Hot hot hot!!!

Today was the hottest day so far on the journey through Spain at 27 degrees plus!! I began riding in a village called Dorica and the first surprise of the day was the 7 mile climb!! That negotiated the rest of the ride was spent undulating across the countryside on long straight roads! It’s alway an interesting challenge riding on a road that is visible for several miles in to the distance as it can feel like you’re never going to reach the end!! Fortunately I did each time!!

It was certainly interesting and useful to get an idea of the terrain in central Spain in terms of where to ride in spring. My conclusion is that it is not flat!!! 🙂

Had a bit of a campsite nightmare as the one we were aiming for was closed as were any others in a fairly large radius!? Fortunately we’ve managed to find a nice, cheap hotel room where it will be nice to catch up on some sleep in a bed for a change. We even managed to get out and sample some of the local food which was a challenge with limited Spanish but nevertheless fun and also very tasty.

Tomorrow we move further south with the aim to stay a couple of hours north of Granada ready for the final blast down to Jon and Emma’s on Tuesday!

You will have noticed probably that I’m not cycling the whole way but rather picking parts of the route to explore and find out about. Time is the biggest factor in this and the bike is playing up a little but also I’ve found that after the interesting time in France my form has dipped a little in terms of completing the longer distances. So I’m doing what I can but not overdoing and gaining lots of good experience and knowledge ready for the spring when hopefully I will be fitter, have a support team and be able to avoid any nasty weather!! 🙂




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  1. Sleep well, lads 🙂
    Here’s to a good day tomorrow 🙂

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