Day 3 (Postponement)

So, as lots of you know I made the difficult decision to postpone my ride today and it is just that a postponement as I’m off to cycle the Spain leg next week but with back up! I also intend to take on the ride again in the spring when hopefully the weather will be better and I can have more back up in place! It’s going to take me a little while to reflect on this experience and think about what happened. I’ll write more on that in another posting. For now though I’m safely home with my family and feeling warm and dry, something that at my darkest point, in a town in the middle of nowhere and mildly hypothermic with nowhere to stay, I wasn’t sure would happen! Anyway as I said I’m going to take time to reflect and use the Spanish leg in order to do that. Will keep you posted on how that goes!

Thank you so much for all the supportive messages you’ve sent over the last few days it made a huge difference to my resolve!

More to follow soon! 🙂


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