5 weeks to go!!



It’s all getting pretty close now!! Most things are in place including ‘Buddy’ the bike and his Klingon as you can see from the photo! I also have many mile of training under my belt and am feeling as fit as I have for a long time. I got the all clear from the doctors in terms of my health. So it’s just down to one or two details to put in to place and it’ll be all systems go.

In terms of the route I’m aiming to head over the Pyrenees via the Col de Portalet (could be an interesting day!!) which follows on nicely from the the route I posted in an earlier blog. Still need to pin down the Spanish section from there now that I’ve made that decision but other than that we’re looking good!

The next couple of weeks are going to consist of plenty of training with a full trailer to get used to the weight etc. and gathering the last bits and pieces of equipment that I need which will be along the lines of spares for the bike, tools and a small, light tent along with bit and pieces of camping equipment as well as completing the route maps and printing them in small sections to enable me to follow them easily!

The excitement is building and I’m at the point where I just really want to get going. I’m sure the 5 weeks are going to fly by though!!

Thank you to all who have sponsored me so far it’s hugely appreciated, if you’d like to sponsor then please feel free to let me know or to donate online using the link on the left hand side of the page!!

Will update soon with Spanish route plan and other info!!




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