Update on the ride!!

Well yesterday marked the 2 months to go day until I head out on this adventure and I have to say that the excitement is building (as is the training)!!! I’m taking advantage of school holidays to put the miles in and the legs are feeling pretty good. I’m having a check with the nurse tomorrow to make sure everything is sound medically. The hip seems to be holding up ok and gives me no pain when I’m cycling although it is sore to the touch so I’m still sleeping on one side! I’m just waiting for an appointment for steroid injections which should help and apparently it will gradually right itself. Sponsorship is gradually coming in and if you’d like to sponsor me that would be great, either let me know or go to the MyDonate site that I have here or using the button on the left hand side of the page. I will soon have the rest of the journey mapped out and will post the links on here. There may be a slight amendment/alternative to the first ones as the high Pyrenees could be quite snowy in October. I’m planning to have 2 routes for that part and keep in touch with the weather conditions.

I’d also like to give a shout out and recommendation to Lobb’s cycles in Halstead who did an amazing job on my wheel for me in a very short time. Their customer service was second to none and they took the time to really help me with the questions I had!! Top place!!! Thanks guys!

Thank you to all of you that are and will be supporting, the updates will get gradually more regular as the date approaches and I plan to have a variety of ways to reach people during the ride!!




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