A bit of a change

I’ve been thinking and praying about this site and the reasons behind my lack of updates! I believe God wants me to take a slightly different angle to it now. I’m aiming to keep up to date with events and any photos of what we are up to as a worship team but I will also regularly share my thoughts, ideas and experiences of a variety of things as they come up. I guess a lot of this will come from my studying and also what is going on in life at any particular time.

So where am I? Right now I’m clinging tightly to James 1:2-8 which speaks of taking joy in our trials and temptations and how our perseverance is built as we hold to our faith. There are a number of tests and challenges going on at the moment as I seek to push forward in the calling that God has placed on my life.

One thing I am learning is in the area of temptation. Often we see temptation as being simply and only being tempted in to things that are overtly sinful e.g. lust, lying etc. whereas actually what I am finding at the moment is that my temptation is coming in the form of accepting invitations to do things outside of my calling! In a busy church it’s really easy to see things that need to be done and taken on and led. The leader in me wants to grab them and make them happen but if I do everything then very quickly, as I am finding, tiredness hits and therefore a lack of effectiveness in everything occurs. Its really important to know God’s call on your life and weigh everything by that call not giving into the temptation to try and do everything but persevering and being effective in the things we are called to! Remember in the words of Esther we were placed here for such a time as this. We each have a particular and personal call from God for a set purpose at such a time as this.

As James says ask God for wisdom today in your trials and temptations and recognise what it is you should be doing and do it.

Lord give us the wisdom to know our call from You and to discern our actions within that call. Amen




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