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Concert Night

Well the SonRise concert arrived at last!! There was lots of last minute work packing up CDs, setting up the church, practicing, lights, sound checking and so on!! It was a lot of fun. We had a fantastic night and enjoyed worshipping with all of you who came along. We played a whole host of songs some from the new CD, some of the new ones we have written (I’m uploading the audio from these gradually on the songs page!), some newly released songs and some that we have known for a long time!! We’re also now looking forward to taking the SonRise concert to other places and worshipping with new people!! As soon as I have dates for more I’ll put them in the diary dates!! Here are some of the photo’s from the night!!

The scene is set!!

Merchandise ready! (You can still buy them!!)

Ten minutes to go!

We're off!!

We're off!!


Sarah & Alison!!


Linda, Laura, Dave, Brenda & Nikki!!

And me!!! (Is that a signal?)

We closed out with a dance dance!!!

Hope you enjoy them!! And hope you enjoyed the evening if you were there!!

Looking forward to next time!



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