24/7 prayer

24/7 prayer is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. It goes without saying that prayer is an essential part of life in relationship with God. If there is no communication I’d have to wonder if there was any relationship. I talk to my wife lots and the more we talk the more our relationship develops, its the same with God.

But my wonderings take us a step past that, I’m talking more about a commitment to cover a place in prayer 24/7. A great example of this would be to set up a 24/7 prayer room whose remit would be to pray for Braintree. I think it would make a massive difference to this town and the people in it.

Why am I thinking about this? Well I attended a seminar a couple of weeks ago where the speaker was Pete Greig who heads up 24/7 prayer international which really inspired me to seek more. I’m in the process of reading Pete Greig’s book Red Moon Rising and I would recommend everybody to read it! It  shows just what soaking a place in prayer can do, the profound difference it can make to individuals and to whole communities. We just have to look to the Bible to find out what we should be doing, the effect it has and the promises God makes about it!

This inspiration has lead me to think seriously about:

  • what we can do in terms of prayer
  • how different our town could be if we committed to soak it in prayer
  • how committed are we to doing God’s work

to name a few and also to dream about churches working together to set up 24/7 prayer rooms and really committing to continuously covering this town in prayer.

I thought I’d blog about this so I could pose a couple of questions for people to feed back answers in the comments section, so here goes!

What are your experiences of prayer?

What are your thoughts on praying for our town (your town) and its people?

How much time would you commit to a 24/7 prayer room? (number of hours daily, weekly or monthly)

Any other comments you’d like to make?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!!




2 Responses

  1. It’s only recently that I’ve started to have any real “success” with prayer. In the past few months I’ve really noticed a difference in my feelings before, during and after prayer, and more than just how I feel, the effects that it has on others who I have prayed for.

    As for praying for the town, it’s a great idea! Went to the revival prayer yesterday and was great. Definatly something I intend to go to again. To have a room dedicated to praying for Braintree 24/7 would be awesome.

    As to the hours, if my work pattern stays the same, average it out as 24 hours a week.

    All in all, an epic succeed of an idea 🙂

  2. Did this in Australia, for a week, shared between all the local churches, to pray for a week of mission in the prison.. Did it in pairs, my prayer partner & I went up into the woods for our hour & sat on a rock & marvelled at God’s creation. We’ve got Red Moon Rising somewhere – certainly had it in Australia, but not totally sure it made it back! Would be a brilliant idea for Braintree.

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