Worship Central Conference

After the fun of Gateway on Thursday the next day held the prospect of the Worship Central conference which I was really looking forward to. I must say I was not disappointed it was an awesome weekend! 2000 of us packed into Central Hall in Westminster. The worship was superb as were the seminars and it was great to spend time with the guys from Elim, Braintree!! I picked up some new stuff and felt very affirmed in a lot of the stuff we are doing at the moment. The whole conference though has really inspired me to really strive, both personally and as a worship team, to seek God more for what He wants us to do and how He wants us to serve. When it comes down to it, it truly is all about Him and our aim is to honour God and bring glory to His name. I pray that we can do that more and more effectively!

You should check out their website as there is loads of good stuff on there including stuff from the conference!! I think they are going to be putting the talks from the conference on the site too!! Well worth a listen!

Here are a some photos from the weekend:

The stage is set!!

It was a pretty full house!!

The guys!!! They begged me to put this photo up!!!

Awesome worship!!!!

I was truly moved by the whole weekend and really feel that God has done a work in me to prepare me for the future. I left feeling an immense sense of calmness and peace that gives me a readiness to face all that is going to come my way over the next few months!! Along with that I now have a renewed passion to really get down to writing more songs and work on the new ones I have already written! Praise God for all He does for us!!

So a big thank you to the worship central guys for having the faith to put on an event like this and for the incredible amount of work it must take, I left thoroughly blessed!



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