Wow its been a very busy few days!! It started on Thursday with a concert at the Gateway club. What a fantastic evening we had. A long list of songs all upbeat and jumping around type stuff so after 2 hours we were pretty tired but invigorated at the same time. I just love the enthusiasm these guys have, its so encouraging and so much fun spending time with them. We actually managed to do the evening without an official sound man too!! Good to know that we are able to get the PA system up and running and sounding fairly reasonable (It was a touch loud to begin with as it was set for the Baptist Church!!)!! Want to say a big thank you too to the guys that came along to help out and spend time with the Gateway guys! Here are some of the photos from the evening!!

Hmmm, perhaps if I turn this one the feedback will stop!!!!

Going for it!!!

Thirsty work!!!

From the dance floor!!!

Helen and Su!!

You seriously want me to play with the levels?!?!?!

Hope you enjoy the photos!! Thanks to rachael for taking them!!! And a big thank you to the band for all the hard work they put in in order to get everything up there and plugged in as well as playing and to Dave to for taking on the challenge of the desk once we were playing!!!

Hoping to do much more of this kind of thing!! Taking what we do in to the community!!



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