First day of recording!

We’ve started!!!! Had a fantastic evening of recording yesterday. Spirits were high and it all went really well! We got down 4 songs which was pretty good going. We’re recording it ‘as live’ so that we all play together rather than doing each track separately so that makes it a bit quicker! Here are some pics of the evening:

The scene is set!

The scene is set!

Soundman extraordinaire!! All systems go!!!

Colin holding it all together on the drums!!!

Let the music begin!!

Its amazing looking at the photos how often people are inadvertently doing something daft when a photo is taken!! I’ve found nail biters, trouser puller uppers, nose scratchers to name but a few!!! Lol!! As well as my mobile pictures we’ve been getting some proper ones too and I’ll get a montage of these up once we’re all done!

So the actual evening. We had a feast of a tea together beforehand, excellent chilli!!! Then the big set up began. Wires everywhere and loads of stuff to plug in and set up but we managed to start fairly close to on time!! Things seemed to be going pretty well but then we dicovered a technical hitch on the recording of the drums!! Once this was sorted all the technical stuff went really smoothly and we set about the four songs planned with enthusiasm!! God was definitely guiding us through this as there were very few mistakes and only a few bits that needed to be redone!! So having done a few runs of each one we had a listen which is always interesting although I am getting used to hearing myself sing now and don’t cringe so much anymore!! At least that was until Rob decided to play my vocals and remove everything else from it!! A humbling experience!!

We were really pleased with the way the raw tracks were sounding, there was just one that we decided to redo to clear up a couple of bits!!

So day 1 is done and we now have a few days rest with the next session being on Friday evening. Looking forward to it. In the meantime hopefully Sarah and I will get some chance to really put some work in on our own songs as it is half term and for once we don’t seem to have loads planned!!

If you could please pray that the recording continues to go really well and that God inspires Sarah and I with His songs that would be fantastic!!

Next update coming soon!!

Every Blessing



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  1. looking good !!! can’t wait for the CD. Songwriting is there no end to your talent

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