Ready to record

Well had a fab day today. Firstly we had baptisms at church with 5 people being baptized. I had the privilege to do 3 of them which was fantastic. Here’s a shot of ‘The Big Guy with the Big Laugh’ Dave just before we dunked him! He only just fitted in the pool!!! Fantastic testimony he gave too!! I love to hear people’s stories!!

After the service we continued with our rehearsals for the new CD. All went well and I think we are set!! Hope so because recording starts tomorrow!!!!! I am really looking forward to it! Its always a good time of laughter and fun. We’ve got 3 sessions planned over the next few days so they’ll be pretty full on if we’re going to get done what we want to. Please pray that voices and fingers hold up!! I’m aiming to capture the time on camera and so will be posting fairly regularly this week with updates on how its all going and what’s going on!!

Sarah and I are also looking to put together a much simpler recording of some of the songs we’ve been writing over the last few months!! I’ll get some posted on here as soon as we have them!! It’d be great to get your thoughts on them both positive and negative!! In all things we aim to grow so really welcome honest feedback because its through this that we are able to grow the most!!

So first recording session tomorrow evening watch out for photos and updates on how it has gone over the next couple of days!!

God Bless



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