CD rehearsals

Had a fantastic afternoon today up at church rehearsing for the upcoming CD recording. We managed to run through 8 of the songs for the CD and all went pretty well it was just a question of tightening up a few bits. What I love about times like this is the sense of family that we have, so rather than stressing when things go wrong we spent time laughing and encouraging each other!

So we have our normal rehearsal time on Friday, then one more rehearsal next Sunday and the next day is our first day of recording!! The main things we need to do now are sorting out the artwork for the case and getting together the advertising for the concert, oh yes and come up with a name for the CD, we have a couple of possibilities at the moment!! So watch out for posts over the next couple of weeks on rehearsals and as soon as we have them I’ll post the artwork and perhaps some samples from the recording. So watch this space for sneak previews and I’ll keep you up to date with activities!!!


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