Interesting Times

Well it has certainly been an interesting week!!! It began with preaching at two services on Sunday which was fantastic fun. I love it that I can put my trust in God and He comes through. I talked about New Year’s Resolutions and used them to help us think about where God is taking us this year and what we’re going to commit to in that! Writing this I’m wondering what your resolutions are for this year, feel free to comment on any that you have made and keep me updated with how you are doing on them!!

It was followed by the announcement to the church that the time has come for Nigel our minister to move on. I have to say I’m very sad to see him leave but I believe he is being guided by God and I certainly applaud him for his faithfulness in a very difficult decision. It does mean that now is the time for me to step up and I look forward to the challenges of the next few months and what God has planned for this next phase of my life!

We’ve also had a whole heap of snow which has been good fun if a little challenging to get to places!!

I am currently in the process of writing new songs to use on the new CD we’re aiming to put together next month. We’re looking at making one with well known songs that will follow the format of a worship time allowing you to use it in your worship and one with our own songs and then once they are ready we’ll have a concert to launch them, so watch out for dates in the diary regarding that. I’ll keep you updated here with the progress we’re making. Its an exciting time!!

So a new year and many new challenges as I’m sure you all have too!! I pray that God guides you and grows you through all the challenges that come your way!!

Every Blessing



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