Christmas Holiday Club

We had a fantastic time at the Christ Church Christmas Holiday Club this morning!! It was great to see so many of the kids who joined us in the summer coming back for this new club. It was a time of enjoyment with lots of singing and games. The children had a whole host of activities to do in their groups and it was wonderful to see them so focussed on what they were doing and chatting lots to their group leaders.

As I was watching and taking part in the day I was reminded of the fact that these are the people and leaders of the future and we need to guide them in their walks with God to help them to know Him and through that fulfil all that He has for them. We have a real responsibility to the young people around us not to let them fall by the wayside as so often seems to happen but to nurture them in the ways of the Lord preparing them to do His will!

Thanks to all the people involved both children and leaders you brightened my day and I really enjoyed all that we did!! May God ever be your guide!!


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