Elim Braintree

We had a great night on Sunday. We were invited to lead worship at the churches together united service held at Elim Church, Braintree.  It was an evening with a fantasic atmosphere of worship with representatives of a good number of churches present. Its always a little nervewracking leading worship somewhere different and using somebody else’s gear but the guys at Elim looked after us brilliantly allowing us to focus on the worship of God and not any of the technicalities of sound!

It was also a wonderful experience to be enveloped in the sound coming from the congregation and, although loudness of singing isn’t necessarily a guide, it was really encouraging to see many people responding to God in worship and that worship overwhelming any sound coming from the foldback.

I praise God for the privilege and opportunity to share in an evening like this and also that he has drawn together people from so many different backgrounds.

The talk was around the Bible being the word of God, a bit of a hot topic at the moment. We heard, and I fully agree, that the Bible is God’s word to His people. This is something that is close to my heart. If we believe that God is our creator and created all things and if we believe that Jesus was able to do the miracles that He did, then why is it that there is this danger of watering down God’s word by compromising on it. Its something I don’t understand, the need to pick and choose the bits of the Bible used in order to keep the world happy. Isn’t that what we are warned against by God? Perhaps this is for a later post so watch out for it!!!

For now I praise God for the wonderful evening we had and thank the guys at Elim for all their help and support in making us feel really at home and able to lead the worship for the evening.


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