Mission Worship

A group of us recently went along to Mission Worship in Eastbourne. We had a fantastic weekend of teaching and worship. For me the highlight was Aaron Keyes use of the Bible in worship, the poetry that is held in God’s word really came alive that evening and really set the tone for the whole weekend.

I came away inspired to continue to dig deeper and deeper into God’s word and to express it both in my songs and in my worship leading. The Bible is an absolutely essential part of our worship and I wonder at times whether it gets put into the background.

During the weekend we learnt a number of new songs all of which were excellent but one in particular I believe was a key song for us. ‘I am broken‘ by Ben Cantelon is a song that speaks of a place that many of us find ourselves at times that place of brokenness! Occasionally that comes about due to a sudden event but often we spiral towards it as we effectively try to go it alone!! We’re good at crying out to God when we’re broken but why are we not so good when things are going well? All of a sudden we start trying to do things ourselves in our own power and it takes a period of brokenness to remind us of God’s goodness!! Let’s commit to turn to God in all times, seeking Him for His will and acting on that will rather than under our own steam!!! God is good in all things!!! Believe it and act on it!

These are the two main areas that provoked me over the weekend but there were many other things that I learnt (Nashville numbering system for example) and am beginning to implement both in my life and in the worship team.

If you are a worship leader, worship team member or worshipper then I would thoroughly recommend Mission Worship to you! Next year 12th – 14th November 2010 in Eastbourne! See you there!!!


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